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Say High to Double Tangie Banana

January 6

Double Tangie Banana - Limited Release!

Pick up your banana phone, something super fresh & fruity is on the line. Meet Nature’s Heritage limited release drop, Double Tangie Banana. This sativa dominant hybrid is a strain for flavor enthusiasts, with aromas that will leave you coming back to the jar just to take a whiff. Expect a vibrant high that builds motivation & creativity, making this cultivar perfect for tokin’ with friends before a daytime adventure.

Upon first glance, you can see what made us swoon over Double Tangie Banana. The nugs are exploding with bright orange calyx and coated in an iridescent coat of sticky trichomes. The aroma of freshly peeled Cutie clementines and sour candy fills the air and lingers on your fingers, just like fresh citrus. This is the kind of bud that any level cannabis connoisseur can appreciate- and yes, that’s a challenge. On combustion, the more developed flavors of skunk & diesel come through to remind you that DTB doesn’t mess around when it comes to effects. From there- it was love at first smoke. But what can we say... we’re a sucker forf resh aromatics, a killer cure, and that classic sativa high.

Double Tangie Banana Cultivar Profile

Genetics: Banana Split x Lemon Skunk

Aroma: Vibrant aromas of fresh clementine and sweet, tropical fruits with a floral finish

Taste: Herbaceous flavors & pine on combustion, nostalgic banana candy on exhale

Terpenes: Terpinolene, b-Myrcene, Limonene

THC Range: 20-23%

Beyond the THC %...

Because DTB’s THC content ranges from 20-23%, there isn’t the underlying anxiety or paranoia that usually comes with the territory of super high testing strains. It’s unique & complex terpene profile offers uplifting, yet relaxing effects. Let’s talk terps:

1.15% Terpinolene: Did you know this terpinolene is the rarest of all the terpenes? It’s naturally occurring in lilacs, sage and nutmeg, and found most commonly in sativa strains like Jack Herer! It may offer antioxidant & pain-relieving properties and assist with treating depression and anxiety.

0.9% Myrcene: Ole’ reliable, mighty myrcene. Found in mangoes, basil & lemongrass, this terp is known to produce relaxing effects, helping you find peaceful, easy feelings wherever you may be. Myrcene may also help the body absorb other terpenes and encourage the entourage effect.

0.3% Limonene: Last but not least is Limonene. This terpene is naturally occurring in lemons & juniper and offers antimicrobial properties and mood elevating effects. This aromatic terpene is responsible for DTB’s big smells and juicy aromatic profile.

Numbers vary by batch, here’s an example of a DTB 8th packaged in MA on Dec 1: DTB Batch Test

Nature's Heritage highly suggests...

  • A self-care night with friends featuring your favorite comedies, because laughter is the best medicine! May we suggest Murderville - a new improv comedy show we are obsessed with, with Will Arnett and featuring celebs like Marshawn Lynch – it is most definitely LOL material.
  • Bringing on-the-go to run errands & finally get those pesky to-do's done
  • Connecting with Mother Nature – DTB & adventuring is a match made in heaven?!
  • A morning pick-me-up – anybody else thrive off the cannabis + caffeine combo?!
    • Highly recommend checking out this Meditation Podcast – it offers both short and long options to help you curate an amazing morning

The Double Tangie Banana Diaries

If you couldn’t already tell, we love to nerd out on cannabis. And if you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume you do too! We created a content series called the Double Tangie Banana Diaries to hear what our friends have to say about this new, limited release drop.

Want to join in on the fun and share your DTB diary with the class? You could be featured on our Instagram page along with our team and win some fire Nature’s Heritage swag and DTB smoking accessories!

All you have to do is send a message with your feedback and experience using DTB, this could include photos, writing, paintings, a song – we want to see your creativity shine!

Here are some prompts to get you thinking:

  • Describe the flower in detail using your keen senses:
  • What does it look like? Smell like when you crack the jar open? Taste like? Make you feel like?
  • Describe the DTB experience however you like. Here are some suggestions to get your wheels turning:
  • If DTB was a movie, what movie would it be? What song? Maybe it's a place? A person? You get the gist...

Send us your masterpieces at

Double Tangie Banana is currently available across select stores in Massachusetts, and coming to Maryland in 2023!













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