Smoking & Illustrating & Animating...BTS w/Duncan Hatch

July 16

It's hard to describe what a strain of cannabis is like with just words. While we do our best, we thought, what if instead we asked an artist to illustrate the aroma, flavor, and the way these strains make a person feel? We asked local Boston artist Duncan Hatch to do just that. We gave him some super fresh herb and let his imagination bring the strain experience to life. You can see some of the journey and his illustrations and animation below. When we asked him what it was like to illustrate and animate cannabis strains, this is what he said:

"I think this project is really unique because of the amount of creative freedom Nature's Heritage has been open to. The possibilities in this project are wide open, which as an artist is both extremely exciting and creatively challenging.
Trying to convey the experiential aspects of these cannabis strains has had me looking at them from all angles and considering some things I had not thought about very consciously before.
I think creativity requires both thinking very hard about something and stepping away from those thoughts and letting your mind wander where it will.
It also definitely helps when the subject you are trying to capture is known for stimulating creativity, haha.
My biggest takeaway from the project so far is just how fun it is. Cannabis is a fun subject matter and I find real joy in the creative process.

Duncan Hatch is a Boston-based artist, animator, and illustrator that has worked on a wide variety of projects for bands and brands. Check out his website and follow him to see what he's up to.


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