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Cultivator's Cup Judges Kits Available Now!

August 16

Who has the best grass in Mass? It's up to you to decide!

Judges Kits for the 2022 Massachusetts Cultivator's Cup are officially available for purchase! The purpose of the Cultivators Cup Judge’s Kit is to provide consumers an opportunity to rank cannabis products based on quality. This year features four competition categories – flower, concentrates, vape pens, and prerolls. All products in the Massachusetts Cultivators Cup are lab tested and locally sourced from licensed cultivators and manufacturers in the Massachusetts area.

Shop the kits from our official dispensary partner, Panacea Wellness here. Or choose from the list of other dispensaries below. You must purchase a kit in person from one of our licensed retailers at their physical location.

How to judge your kit:

SMELL: How is the aroma of the canna-product? Is it fresh? Does it smell like musty mildew? A sweet or pungent aromatic burst of terpenes?

LOOK: Understand the difference between trichomes and powdery mildew. Cannabis flower and concentrates vary in their visual characteristics. Smell that product, break that nug open! Edible products are labeled with branded label. Don’t judge the packaging look, just the finished consumable product.

TASTE: What do you taste when consuming? Before sparking up flower, dry puff and be mindful of the flavors when you inhale.

  • For the edibles Judge Kit, consume low amounts and at a slow pace. We do not suggest consuming all products in one day or at the same time. Consider textures and after taste.
  • For concentrates and Vape pen, do not hold your inhale in. Take low or deep breathes when consuming.

CURE: Buds should not be overly dry. Properly cured bud will audibly snap. When consuming look out for the color of your ash- it should not be a dark grey or black. Be mindful when inhaling and exhaling if there is any harshness. For your concentrates, pay attention to the consistencies and color in each.

EXPERIENCE: How does the product make you feel? Mind, Body and Spirit?What was your overall experience consuming this product?

Happy Judging! We'll see you September 3-4 at the event in Worcester, MA!



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