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Lamb's Bread: A True OG Grown by OGs.

November 28

Lamb's Bread: A True OG Grown by OGs.

Lamb's Bread by Nature's Heritage is available now in both Maryland and Massachusetts!

This classic landrace sativa has been Nature's Heritage most popular strain in Massachusetts since 2019! We've recieved a lot of requests from cannabis connoisseurs and Nature's enthusiasts, wondering when this super rare cultivar would be coming to Maryland... inquiring minds have got to know!

We are very excited to announce that Lamb's Bread is now officially available for purchase in Maryland AND Massachusetts.

Lamb's Bread, also called Lamb's Breath, has quite a unique and mysterious past.

Allow us to geek out a little on our favorite strain. Lamb's Bread is special. "Why?", you ask- because Lamb's Bread is a landrace strain. This means that first- its roots can be traced back to a specific environment because the this strain of the cannabis plant is naturally occuring. True Lamb's Bread is sourced from Jamaica. And second- this strain has not been crossed with any other strains to become hybridized, making it a true 100% sativa. We're smoking the original- a true OG, grown by OGs.

Rumor has it Bob Marley would light up a joint of Lamb's Bread before recording or jamming out to spark up some inspired creativity. Fun fact- Lamb's Bread was also smoked by Biggie Smalls and Tupac. They even shout it out in some songs! Check out our favorite LB tunes here:

Lamb's Bread by UB40Lamb's Bread by Skyford WalkerKrazy by Tupac

Lamb's Bread x Nature's Heritage

If you want to know how our fearless leader, Tim, came across these Lamb's Bread seeds way back in the 80's - you'll have to find us in person, because we'll never put it in writing. It may have involved a local Jamaican named Spiderman & a trecherous hike up a mountain. The rest is history...

In a world where so many cannabis companies are choosing to hybridize plants in order to offer their consumers something totally new, we want to show appreciation for this old school landrace strain. Lamb's Bread allows us to connect with the rich history of beautiful Jamaica and explore the very reasons why this prolific strain has stayed a global favorite for so many decades.

Lamb's Bread - Cultivar Profile

Aroma: simple & sweet- notes of cheese, hash & earth

Taste: warm & toasty flavors, dank kush, petrol & spice come together for the perfect exhale

Dominant Terpene: β-Caryophyllene

Average THC Level: 20-25%

We love it for...

  • bringing along on a camping trip - Lamb's Bread is easygoing and diverse. This high is pretty much perfect for any scenario, especially for when you're in the great outdoors.
  • lighting up before a creative session or to-do list taskin'.
  • a vibey meditation session. Bob said it best- "when you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself."
  • sharing a joint or bowl of this stimulating sativa with friends while listening to your favorite album. Lamb's Bread canna-history is infused with great tunes. Get up, stand up!

Now available in Maryland at the following stores, with more coming soon!



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