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Now Introducing: Live Flower

August 8

Now introducing... Live Flower! Our cultivation and cure team have been hard at work perfecting this super fresh take on our OG offering. Our unique, Fresh Cure flower from Nature's Heritage is a whole new kind of smoking experience, available now in Massachusetts. Read more below!

Picture this: you're headed to the dispensary to pick up some flower to treat yourself after a long day of work. You ask for an 8th of the best, you get home, open the jar and it's total brick. Dry & crumbly to the touch, dull in color and little to no bouquet of kushy aromas. There's nothing worse than a disappointing flower purchase- which is why our Lead Curer & Head Cultivator spent almost two years researching and developing a process that will perfect cannabis flower as we know it. Say high to Live Flower by Nature's Heritage using our proprietary process, FreshCure.

FreshCure flash-freezes your favorite Nature's Heritage strains at peak freshness, locking in the natural terpene and cannabinoid profiles. We then refine each strain with a barrel-cure to achieve precise moisture levels for the smoothest smoke.

Live Flower is the freshest flower you can find. It delivers the smoothest smoking session and the freshest experience for the senses. These buds are bigger & brighter, covered in a glimmering coat of preserved trichomes, and bursting with flavors and aromas. We hope you enjoy!

The freshest experience for the senses:

  • SEE: bigger, brighter buds with crystallized, preserved trichomes
  • SMELL: vibrant aromas as soon as you open the jar
  • TOUCH: softer textured buds that are easier to break up by hand
  • TASTE: strong terpene profiles that result in bold flavors
  • FEEL: a smoother smoke (a pleasant surprise for your lungs)!

Live Flower Pro Tips:

  • Because this flower is so fresh, the bud structure is unique, so we recommend using your hands or a grinder to gently break up the bud. This bud smokes best in medium size nugs- so be catious of over-grinding!
  • Its sticky & springy texture delivers a dense, yet delicate smoke that’s perfect for enjoying in a glass piece (pipe, bowl, or bong), or a dry-herb vaporizer.

Have the freshest flower in the room with Live Flower from Nature's!

This offering is available at select dispensaries across the state of Massaachusetts. Check out our list below to find Live Flower near you:

  • Panacea Wellness - Middleboro, MA
  • Stem - Haverhill, MA
  • Diem - Worcester, MA
  • Pure Oasis - Boston, MA
  • Rebelle - Great Barrington, MA
  • Lazy River - Dracut, MA


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