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Mimosa: The Breakfast of Champions

April 10

Mimosa: The Breakfast of Champions

Mimosa, aptly named for its sour-citrus aromatic profile, is known and loved for providing energizing effects that stimulate creativity and motivation without sparking anxiety. This award-winning sativa-leaning hybrid is also known for keeping pain and stress at bay throughout the day.

Mimosa was grown and cared for in flower room #13 by cultivator Alyssa Benevides. Alyssa started in trim/pack, moved onto harvesting, and worked her way into cultivation. She knew from the start she wanted to be involved with growing these beautiful cannabis plants and 3 years later, she still loves her job.

We asked Alyssa to describe what people can expect from this renowned fruity cultivar.

"It was such a pleasure to grow Mimosa. This sweet bubbly strain was a very easy plant to take care of. In mid weeks of flower they gave a pungent, citrusy smell like orange peels or a cutie clementine. Very vibrant purple in color. All the way up until harvest this plant stood out with such character."
"The aroma when opening the jar gave off a fresh tangerine smell. And I can’t stop smelling it with it’s beautiful purple frosty buds. It's the perfect strain to enjoy in the morning -- a great Sativa effect. Giving energy with its fruity tangy flavor and all happy feels… just like a mimosa cocktail. Definitely a flavor explosion! A must try!"

Mimosa Cultivar Profile

Genetics: Purple Punch x Clemintine

Aroma: Refreshing, notes of clementines and citrus rinds, sweet, juicy grapes

Taste: An orange & tangerine fruity flavor explosion

Terpenes: Limonene, pinene, and caryophyllene

THC Range: 20-26%

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