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Nature's Know-How: Vaping & Hardware 101

May 26

Nature's Know-How: Vaping & Hardware 101

Directions for Best Results: Use Nature's Heritage proprietary battery with lifetime warranty.

1.) When attaching the cart to the battery, hold the cart by the metal ring and spin the battery to attach. do not over-tighten!

2.) Press button 5 times to turn on the battery.

3.) Before first use, we suggest priming your cartridge. Gently draw on the mouthpiece while pushing the button on and off to allow oil to warm up before hitting.

4.) If the cart gets overtightened, remove the cart from the battery & insert a paper clip between the connection plate and threads. Gently lever connection plate back towards the center of threads.

Check out our Massachusetts Brand Ambassador, Sam, in the video below to learn more about achieving a premier vaping experience with Nature's Heritage hardware & carts!



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