The Double Krush Experience 🤘

October 9

Double Krush, one of Nature’s Heritage’s heaviest hitting strains, delivers a potent punch, testing between 25-35%. We needed to celebrate this beauty like it was NYE in 1999. Taking a page from the art, music, and streetwear world, we decided to bring the experience of smoking or dabbing Double Krush to life through an artist’s unique eyes. We're based in MA and wanted to work with a Boston-based artist, and as soon as we saw Mass Art grad Duncan Hatch's portfolio, we had a feeling he was our guy.

We met with him, gifted him some flower, and let Duncan go to work. While Duncan was mad scientist-ing the DK design, we knew we were gonna need a song as heavy as Double Krush and stock music was not gonna cut it. Fortunately, Boston is known for it's hardcore scene, and we knew a metal chic who knew a punk rock chic who knew this dude heavy in the scene. That dude's name is Troy Schhoeller, the lead singer and bass player in Salem based hardcore band Brix'n Mortar, and they were in. Stoked for the opportunity, they sent us a few options to check out, and the moment we heard "Hail the Wolf," it was love at first headbang.

Duncan's animated creation backed by Hail the Wolf is as crushing and heavy as the strain itself. It's all lightning bolts and devil horns and a ghostrider on a chopper for good measure. Can you smell the double chem (Chemdog 91 x Chem Krush) aroma as the hot rod speeds away, burning rubber and fuel, leaving everything behind in a fiery dust?!?? We can. The erupting volcano erupting and giant snake are both nods to Double's Krush's strength, which is not for beginners and is to be respected, just like Mother Nature herself. And as always, Timothy the hare, our beloved furry mascot, is smoking a j, riding the hardcore wave, keepin' it fresh. #keepitfresh

If you’ve tried Double Krush, you're already a fan. But if you haven’t, we double dog dare ya. Find some Double Krush and experience it for yourself at a dispensary near you via our Store Finder and let us know what you think here or on the gram @naturesheritage_.

PS. Check out more of Duncan's Hatch's amazing work and follow our hardcore friends at @brixnmortaroi, who just released the album "Something Ain't Right."


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